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The entire property was renovated from the ground up in compliance with all monument protection standards. All supply lines will be renewed, modern floor heating with underfloor heating installed on the ground floor, new floors with star parquet and high-quality Bisazza bathrooms. The property has a new garage for 2-3 cars (heated), CAT cabling and a professional alarm system.

The property is in a prime location in the 13th district. Both the proximity to the Wiental and the access to the A1 Westautobahn and the nearby subway offer good transport links to the public and private transport network. Shops for daily and high-quality needs, several kindergartens and schools are located in the residential area and with an extended range at the popular Hietzinger Platzl.


Ground floor: 189 m²

Upper floor: 209 m²

TOTAL: 398 m²

Top floor: 180 m² building reserve

Basement: 168 m² plus technical rooms

Garage: 60 m² (2-3 parking spaces)

Garden: 1,090 m²


READY TO PURCHASE: 4,300,000.00

The property is a villa from 1890 and has a basement, two residential floors and an unfinished attic (construction reserve). The facade surfaces are closed to the street, the facades open to the garden with bay windows and terraces. The attic space with its high Trempel walls is very well suited for a spacious attic extension. To the south is the sheltered and quiet garden, which is surrounded by neighboring gardens.

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