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THURN & BAUER weekend


In the mountains, by the lake or in the forest: The longing for a weekend home in the countryside is greater than ever. It's not just Corona that has (re)ignited the desire to live in nature. Climate change is also a driving force behind the search for alternatives to city life.


From a villa with a large garden to a small, fine vineyard with a brilliant view: When revitalizing our weekend residences, we not only consider aspects of building physics such as energy efficiency and sustainability, but also use high-quality, long-lasting materials and always equip our properties with the matching interior.




Von der Villa mit großem Garten bis hin zum kleinen, feinen Weinstöckl mit fulminanter Aussicht: Bei der Revitalisierung unserer Wochenend-Domizile berücksichtigen wir nicht nur bauphysikalische Aspekte wie Energieeffizienz und Nachhaltigkeit, sondern verwenden hochwertige, langlebige Materialien und statten unsere Objekte stets mit dem passenden Interieur aus. 

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